In this short article I will tell you my top 3 tips to secure your online self.

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1. Use two factor authentication

The first thing you should do immediate is to activate two factor authentication on all your accounts. This will drastically improve your online security by having an extra authentication step than only password. There are allot of two factor authentication apps out there for example Google Authenticator, Authy and Microsoft Authenticator.

The second thing you should start with is to use a password manager. I think allot of us are using the same password on almost all accounts. This means if one account…

This article will show a simple secure network architecture, that you can have up and running within one hour on AWS.

First up you need to decide if you want one VPC or multiple. For example you can use multiple VPC to easier separate your management network from your app network. In this guide I will only use one VPC but you can easily connect multiple VPC with VPN or VPC Peering.

When you create your VPC you need to select a CIDR block for your network. Remember that you want to create multiple subnets on your network. For now…

This article will guide you on how to create an android app that is based on your website.

Let’s say that you have created the perfect website and now you want to create an app. You don’t want to start from scratch and recreate the UI and functionality. Wouldn’t it be great if you could base the app on your website so updates on the website also affect the app? Lucky for us there is a simple solution in Android based on the WebView component.

The WebView is basically a lightweight browser that we have full control over. For example…

This will show you a simple real-time form validation in Vue.js with help of computed properties.

For simplicity I will use the bootstrap-vue framework for the form. But this work’s without any external dependencies.

The example above disables the submit button and shows the text “Invalid data” until the form is valid. The validation part is handled by a computed property in Vue. In the computed property you can specify all your requirements as a boolean equation, ex. input1 needs to be above 0 and input2 can’t be empty. …

AWS X-Ray is a service from AWS to help developers to analyse and debug requests in distributed applications like micro services. The tracing is done with help of the AWS X-Ray SDK and a standalone X-Ray Daemon server that batch the traces together before sending them to X-Ray.

trace map of a simple application with two services connected

The trace map allows you to quickly debug errors, by allowing you to see directly witch service generates them.

A popular way of deploying micro services on AWS is through ECS with EC2 instances. This article will expect you to already know how to use ECS tasks and services.

Setup X-Ray daemon on AWS ECS

There is multiple…

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